Tyler Tafolla's DanceLand

By Tafolla Productions (other events)

4 Dates Through Nov 19, 2023

“DanceLand” is a sung through, danced-through musical with original music and story by Composer & Playwright, Tyler Tafolla. “In the sci-fi, dream-world of DanceLand, a villainous tyrant reigns with his robotic army, and a chosen one must rise up and learn the power within her to take on the army and bring DanceLand back to its rightful glory before it’s too late.” The show is promised to be a dance spectacular for the Mid-City community of City Heights San Diego. With a cast of 20 professional dancers, the entirety of the DanceLand run will be offered completely free to the public at the City Heights Performance Annex; 3795 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, CA 92105. Tyler Tafolla will be taking the reins as Director/Producer along with four professional choreographers, Megan Tafolla, Verenice Meza, Sean Memije Sofia Salgado & Tony Quintero. Pre-recorded vocals will sing us through the wild and dance filled streets of DanceLand, sung by big Musical heavy hitters like Mariah Rose Faith Casillas, Dylan Saunders, Bryce Charles, & Janaya Jones. Starring: Anaya Island, Lupita Sanchez, Cruz Caudillo, Roman Unutoa, Tony Quintero, Sofia Salgado, Verenice Meza, Giovanny Aparicio, Alan Ramos, Victor Reveles, Jtan Ross, Justine Banal, Liyah Carter, Gezell Custodio, Elise Schaffroth, Jessica Lopez, Zara Jorryn, Jennifer Thilman & Ethan Balajadia